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Web Site Systems Development Life Cycle

Web Site Systems Development Life Cycle

Building a Web Site: A Systematic Approach

 Methodology for understanding business objectives of a system and designing an appropriate solution

Five major steps:
1.    Systems analysis/planning
2.    Systems design
3.    Building the system
4.    Testing
5.    Implementation

System Analysis/Planning

  •  Business objectives:
 List of capabilities you want your site to have
  •  System functionalities:
 List of information system capabilities needed to achieve business objectives
  •   Information requirements:
 Information elements that system must produce in order to achieve business objectives

Systems Design:
Hardware and Software Platforms

  System design specification: 

 Description of main components of a system and their relationship to one another
  Two components of system design:

 Logical design
  •   Data flow diagrams, processing functions, databases
Physical design
      •  Specifies actual physical, software components, models, etc.

Build/Host Your Own versus Outsourcing

  •  Outsourcing: hiring vendors to provide services involved in building site
  •   Build own vs. outsourcing:
§  Build your own requires team with diverse skill set; choice of software tools; both risks and possible benefits
  •   Host own vs. outsourcing
§  Hosting: hosting company responsible for ensuring site is accessible 24/7, for monthly fee
§  Co-location: firm purchases or leases Web server (with control over its operation), but server is located at vendor’s facility

Testing, Implementation, and Maintenance
  • Testing
>> Unit testing
>> System testing
>> Acceptance testing
  • Implementation and maintenance:
>> Maintenance is ongoing
>> Maintenance costs: parallel to development costs
>> Benchmarking

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