Thursday, 17 September 2015

The Internet and Web Features

The Internet and Web: Features

 Internet and Web features on which the foundations of e-commerce are built include:


  Instant messaging

  Search engines

  Intelligent agents (bots)

  Online forums and chat

  Streaming media



  • Most used application of the Internet

  •   Uses series of protocols for transferring  messages with text and attachments (images, sound, video clips, etc.,) from one Internet user to another

  •   Can be an effective marketing tool

  •   Spam a worsening problem

Instant Messaging

  • Displays words typed on a computer almost instantly, and recipients can then respond immediately in the same way

  •   Different proprietary systems offered by AOL, MSN, Yahoo, and Google

  •   Meebo, Digsby: allow users to communicate across platforms

Search Engines

  •   Identify Web pages that match queries based on one or more techniques

v  Keyword indexes, page ranking

  •   Also serve as:

v  Shopping tools

v  Advertising vehicles (search engine marketing)

v  Tool within e-commerce sites

  •   Outside of e-mail, most commonly used Internet activity

Intelligent Agents (Bots)

 Software programs that gather and/or filter information on a specific topic and then provide a list of results

  Search bot

  Shopping bot

  Web monitoring bot

  News bot

  Chatter bot

Online Forums and Chat

  •   Online forum:

v  AKA message board, bulletin board, discussion group, board, or forum

v  Web application that enables Internet users to communicate with each other, although not in real time

v  Members visit online forum to check for new posts

  •   Online chat:

v  Similar to IM, but for multiple users

v  Typically, users log into chat room

Streaming Media

  •  Enables music, video, and other large files to be sent to users in chunks so that when received and played, file comes through uninterrupted

  •  Allows users to begin playing media files before file is fully downloaded


  •  Small text files deposited by  Web site on user’s computer to store information about user, accessed when user next visits Web site

  •  Can help personalize Web site experience
  •    Can pose privacy threat

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