Thursday, 17 September 2015

Internet II: The Future Infrastructure

Internet II: The Future Infrastructure

  Limitations of current Internet


  •   Limitations of current Internet

  •   Bandwidth limitations

  •   Quality of service limitations

                   >>  Latency: delays in messages, “jerkiness”

                    >>  “Best effort” QOS: no guarantees about when data will be delivered.

  •   Network architecture limitations : thousands of requests for a single music track from a central server

  •   Language development limitations

  >> HTML : fine for text but poor for rich docs as databases.

  •  Wired Internet limitations

The Internet2® Project

  •   Consortium of 200+ universities, government agencies, and private businesses collaborating to find ways to make the Internet more efficient, faster

  •   Primary goals:

>>  Create leading edge very-high speed network for national research community
>>  Enable revolutionary Internet applications
>>  Ensure rapid transfer of new network services and applications to broader Internet community  

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