Sunday, 20 September 2015

ecommerce trends is upword as business-technology-society

E-commerce Trends (Business)

>>New business models based on content, and services
>>Online sales expanded by more than 25%
>>2009 a flat year, but growth expected to resume in 2010
>>Broadband and wireless access continue to grow
>>Mobile e-commerce begins to take off
>>Traditional media losing subscribers

E-commerce Trends (Technology)

>>Wireless internet connections
>>New digital gadgets, iphone, internet telephone, digital music & TV and Web services
 E-commerce Trends (Society)

>>Consumer  and user –generated content 
>>Virtual life sites such as facebook emerge 
>>Traditional media such as newspaper, TV, magazine continue to lose subscriber
>>Copyright & privacy issues control grow in significance
>>Internet fraud, abuse, and identity theft occurrences increases 

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