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ecommerce A Brief History and Origins & Growth of Ecommerce and ecommerce vs ebusiness on technology infrastructure

E-commerce: A Brief History
  •   1995–2000: Innovation

¨  Key concepts developed

¨  Dot-coms; heavy venture capital investment

  •   2001–2006: Consolidation

¨  Emphasis on business-driven approach

  •   2006–Present: Reinvention

¨  Extension of technologies

¨  New models based on user-generated content, social networking, services

Origins & Growth of E-commerce

>> Precursors:
¨Baxter Healthcare [ In the year 1970, Pharmaceuticals introduced B2B by using  a telephone based modem that permitted hospitals to reorder]
¨Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) [1980]
¨French Minitel [1980s videotext system, B2C, ticket service, travel, online banking]
¨None had functionality of Internet
>> 1995: Beginning of e-commerce
¨First sales of banner advertisements by ATT, Volvo
>> Since then, e-commerce fastest growing form of commerce in the United States

E-commerce vs. E-business on technology infrastructure

  •  E-business:
¨  Digital enablement of transactions and processes within a firm, involving information systems under firm’s control

¨  Does not include commercial transactions involving an exchange of value across organizational boundaries

e-commerce vs e-business

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